Written by Greg and Irene Trapp

Each year, our church has an Adopt-A-Family ministry where we receive the names of needy families in East side San Jose who need help providing  gifts for their own kids at Christmas.  Our Bible study group adopted a family of 6.  The names and ages of the children were made availalbe so we could buy appropriate gifts for them and their parents.  We planned with the family a night to meet with them and deliver the presents. On the night of the delivery, we invited our Spanish speaking pastor to accompany five of us to the home so we could communicate with them better.  He eagerly accepted and we were on our way to play “Santa Claus”.  When we arrived, we were met by the parents, two of their kids, a grandpa, and a couple of renters.  As we met with them and talked, Pastor Francisco sensed that the mom and dad were in need of reconciliation over issues involving an adult son (not present) who was getting into trouble.  He led them in prayer and asked them to offer forgiveness to each other for the issues that were causing conflict.  Those of us watching could not understand the words spoken but we sensed the moving of the Holy Spirit and we were brought to tears.  He also addressed the grandpa in the wheelchair and asked what he needed God to do.  He said his wheelchair was broken and he was having a hard time getting around because of it.  Pastor Francisco told them all that we were there for a purpose – to share God’s grace and love.  He told them we were there because God wanted to touch their lives. He asked them if they wanted to receive God’s gift of salvation and they said yes.  He anointed them with oil and they prayed.  More tears. Meanwhile, the kids 8 and 10, were watching. I went to them and asked them if they understand what was happening.  They had a lot of questions so I was able to pray with them that God would give them wisdom to know Gods will.  By the time we were done, all of us were crying for joy and praising God.  As we said our goodbyes, Greg told the grandpa we would try to get a wheelchair for him.  Two days later, we were at the Bay Area office of Joni and Friends.  There were two wheelchairs that had been recently donated, so they let us pick one for the grandpa. One was in perfect condition so we took that one.  The very next day, we were able to deliver the chair to him.  We told him God had answered his prayer.  He gave us the thumbs up and a smiled as I took his picture.  His grandson said this was the first time he had seen his grandpa smile.  Wow!  What a blessing to witness this Christmas miracle for this family!  It was no coincidence that we were partnered with this family – God knew what would happen.  Thank you, Joni and Friends for your help.  Merry Christmas!