Written by Tim Wood

This prayer reminds us of the glory and wonder of Christmas. I encourage you to read this prayer aloud and let its meaning soak into your heart.

Jesus, we kneel before you in silent amazement. Thank you that, because of your birth, we know that our Father is with us. May we welcome you, not in a cold manger of a heart, But in a heart so pure, a heart warm with love for one another.

Jesus, you are— The tender holy Babe; The Shepherd of your flock; The Healing Person; The Christ of the people; The world-pervading God; Emmanuel, God-with-us.

Jesus, you are— The Glory of eternity who now shines among us; Son of the High King of the universe; Splendor of the Father; Source of life; Prince of Peace; Wonderful Counselor; Son of Mary; Pattern of goodness; Friend of all; Brother of the poor; Champion of justice; Joy of angels.

Jesus, in you we see God’s face— Gentle; Smiling; Strong; Loving; Obedient.

Jesus, you radiate what the world so needs today— Gentleness, tenderness, light and hope.

In you, may we find— Gentleness as the answer to violence; Tenderness as the answer to ill-will; Light as the answer to lies; Hope as the answer to despair.

Your mercy brings forgiveness.

Have mercy on us, bring us to true sorrow for our sins, Give us eternal life.

For your glory fills eternity; Your glory fills the universe.