Written by: Tim Wood

“Don’t be concerned for your own good but for the good of others” (1 Corinthians 10:24 NLT)

 Godly servants look out for the spiritual well-being of others. They regularly pray, “Lord, help me be a blessing to someone today.” They are sensitive to people who cross their path that they can bless. Godly servants are gospel bearers and gospel sharers. Godly servants bring spiritual enrichment to people on a daily basis.

For example, Joseph’s story reveals this truth. Wherever he was the people he served prospered. Potiphar was certainly not a God-fearing man, yet even he recognized that blessing came to him because of his servant Joseph. We read in Genesis 39:2-6, “The Lord was with Joseph, so he succeeded in everything he did as he served in the home of his Egyptian master. Potiphar noticed this and realized that the Lord was with Joseph, giving him success in everything he did. This pleased Potiphar, so he soon made Joseph his personal attendant. He put him in charge of his entire household and everything he owned. From the day Joseph was put in charge of his master’s household and property, the Lord began to bless Potiphar’s household for Joseph’s sake. All his household affairs ran smoothly, and his crops and livestock flourished. So Potiphar gave Joseph complete administrative responsibility over everything he owned.”

 A second example is Daniel, whose service to a Babylonian king included interpreting visions. The king realized that blessings came to him because of Daniel’s presence in his life. In both of these examples, powerful leaders were blessed by the actions of their servants; and more than that, they came away with an awareness of the living God.

How about you? Will you be open to praying that God will help you be a blessing to someone on a daily basis? Will you be sensitive to the people who cross your path today? Will you be concerned about the good of others and not just your own good? If yes, watch God use you to bless others. And as He does, you will be blessed too!