Written by: Tim Wood

But I am afraid that as the serpent deceived Eve by his cunning, your thoughts will be led astray from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ.   (2 Corinthians 11:3 ESV)

Satan attempts to target our minds. His scheme is to lure us away from the truth of the Gospel in Jesus Christ. Satan wants to distract us from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ. He employs mind games to draw us away.

Eve lost her focus on God. Her thoughts were led astray. Paul is warning that this can happen to us like it happened to Eve. So, what do we do? We must be aware to these attacks. We must renew our minds daily with the Word of God. We must receive and believe God’s Word over our own thoughts or feelings. We must be diligent to “bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Don’t ever open yourself up to ideas that will corrupt the Gospel and harm you. We can and should determine, by the grace of God, to rework our mental diet to the Scriptures. Our meditations (what our thoughts dwell on), should be verses from the Bible. Try to add in to your day godly conversations. Prayer is a godly conversation. Christian friends can provide for us godly conversations. Our thoughts can be led astray, but we can renew our mind!

Sincere and pure devotion to Christ is what Paul wanted for the Corinthians. Sincerity is literally being unfolded. It’s being completely open to God. It is simply and passionately declaring what the Lord wants in my life is what I want in my life. Being devoted to Christ means that I don’t let other voices distract me from that sincerity. Let’s daily renew our mind to the purposes of God.