Written by: Tim Wood

God does everything just right and on time, but people can never completely understand what he is doing. Ecclesiastes 3:11b (NCV)

The Bible tells us that God does everything just right and on time.  Let’s break this into two parts.  First, God knows how to answer your prayers just right.  He knows how to mend broken relationships, bring peace and joy into your life, and provide answers to your toughest questions.  He has enough wisdom, knowledge and power to fully and completely answer our prayers.  The problem is that we often confuse our role and God’s role in prayer.  Look at it from this perspective.  How God answers your prayers is not your responsibility.  Your responsibility when you have a prayer request is to simply ask Him and have faith.  God is the one who will figure out how to bring that request into your life.  He knows how to answer your prayers just right. He does everything just right.

Next, the Bible tells us that God is always on time.  It does not say that God moves according to your time or your calendar, but His timing in our lives is always perfect.  Here is the point – God’s timing will probably never align with your perceived timing.  Why?  Because God sees all and understands all.  He knows the best time for things to happen in our lives.  In contrast, we don’t see all and know all.  We only see a very narrow slice of the big picture which can be deceiving.  So, while it may seem that God is taking a long time to answer a prayer, in reality, it is happening at the right time.  We must trust that God is able to meet our needs just right and on time.

God is never late. God is never early. God’s timing is always perfect. So trust him and thank him. God makes everything beautiful in its time.