Colossians 4:7-18

We faced some technical difficulties with our game on October 1 in high school group and so we missed out on finishing our study on Colossians. To conclude our five year study I have written the following final thoughts on Colossians:


Paul begins and concludes this letter referring to grace. We must always remember how important and foundational grace is to our life with Christ. It is God’s grace and love that sent his son to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins. We played no role in this act. It was God’s grace to you, me and the entire world.

I pray that the students of EVC will be people of grace. Your family, friends and everyone you interact with need the grace of God. Has God been graceful to you? (The answer is yes). Then please be graceful with those around you, always pointing towards a God who loves them. It is because of grace that we have peace with God.

Let’s continue to be a place of Grace.


The bulk of Paul’s conclusion is about community. Paul lists off his squad (entourage): Tychicus, Onesimus, Aristarchus, Mark, Jesus (Justus), Epaphras, Luke, Demas. These are men who were servants (bond slaves) in the Lord; they were faithful, beloved, and knew Paul’s situation. They also were fellow prisoners and workers for the kingdom of God. They were people who gave comfort to Paul and they prayed that others would mature fully in Christ.

Nympha, a woman who hosted a church in her home is listed. She could be a widow or unmarried but she had the resources to own a home and she used that for the Kingdom. Women like Nympha were important to the early church. I have always been a fan of the young women of EVC. Many of you have been faithful servants, vision casters, and you have been bold in your faith and calling. My hope for you is that you continue to grow in your love and service for Christ.

I love the community that our students and leaders have with one another. In fact, it is a great encouragement to me. It is the result of us all following Christ together. It has been a blessing to watch you all grow in your faithful service. To see former students and leaders go on to study at college, YWAM, Joshua at Hume, etc. and then put what they have studied into practice on the mission field or local church should encourage us all. My prayer for our community at EVC is that it remains a place of encouragement and challenge to all of us to follow Christ more closely, to be a community, and pray for one another and the world around us.

Let’s continue to be a place of Community.


Paul calls out Archippus to fulfill the ministry he received in the Lord. This was a man who had served with Paul and apparently had been given a specific ministry. Paul encourages him to complete his calling. We all, myself included, have a ministry given to us by the Lord. I hope that EVC is always a place where you can find what your ministry might be and be challenged to fulfill it. The church needs students who boldly fulfill the ministry that has been given to them by the Lord.

Let’s continue to be a place of Ministry.

Final, Final Thoughts

I am grateful for ministry which the Lord has given to Jen and me, and that it has taken us to Evergreen. I am in debt to every leader that I have had in my years here. And I love all of our students past, present and future.

Grace be with you.

The Yurt is a Church